spooky season's greetings (update #21)

An extremely late update-less happy Halloween to all, except this time I am late for a good reason! I've been slowly chipping away at two microgames I've submitted to the GBA Microjam 23, a game jam where one could make a tiny game to be put into one single Game Boy Advance ROM. If you're reading this, then you're hereby obligated to check out the finished microgame collection, it's tons of fun and just looks awesome, everyone involved did an incredible job and I still find myself confused upon playing it and seeing my microgames pop up, like how did my stuff end up there among all those cool people's work?? And yeah, I'm aware that these microgames shouldn't have taken this long, but they somehow have. Oh well.

No monthly comic today, either, but I do have a tiny drawing of the Math & Logic club all dolled up for the now past occasion! Some motivation to try and do two monthly comic issues in a row this November, I guess...

A drawing of the Math & Logic club members dressed up in Halloween costumes from Dankira the video game. On the left is Tooru in devil costume, on the right is Nyra in vampire costume, in the middle is Yuuji in werewolf costume holding two candy buckets shaped like carved pumpkins.

Weird how 80% of the games I've released here are Game Boy Advance games submitted to game jams curated by GBADev community c':

Get Advance! [Early Demo] Adventures Of The Math & Logic Club

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