monthly update #25 pt. 1 + question

I will admit that I am yet again late to post this update, but what I absolutely won't admit is that I haven't done anything this February, because I did do something and I'm still working on it and if you don't believe me, you can check out the game's code repository for yourself (I've updated it only several minutes ago but trust me when I say I worked on this for several days' worth of spare time). Spoiler: this won't be anything groundbreaking for a long while, just some basic building blocks for the things to come using existing assets that were previously shown last year in a GIF (rendered as an MP4 video) in one of the previous updates.

Should I reach the point where the source code can be compiled into a tiny presentable interactive demo I will post a part 2 update on that ASAP. But before I get back to working on that I'd like to ask you, the devlog readers, the following — would you like to see me upload recent demo builds here each time they get updated and regardless of how much actual game content they contain, or would you rather prefer seeing actual game demo builds released here and either don't care about the boring in-between things or would like to build demo ROMs from the source code on your own? Let me know what you think, or don't and I'll stick with option 2!

Get Advance! [Early Demo] Adventures Of The Math & Logic Club

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