monthly update #27 with bonus thing because i have nothing else to show off ugh

Yes, technically update #25 pt. 2 was update #26, so now it's time for an update #27. And once again, this update is about nothing concerning the currently nonexistent progress on the game, however, I've been helping out with an awesome huge upcoming thing (comprised of many sub-things, I'm only helping out with some of these) that we're all excited to unveil once everything's prepared!

I've previously mentioned myself working on a website for the game, and sadly, I have not started any actual work on that as well, but what has been done quite some time ago, briefly mentioned in a past devlog, and never gotten properly polished about it is this supposedly printable club card that I originally wanted to be a download exclusive to the website. Now you too can pretend to become a member of the GBADevMath & Logic Club by filling it out! Not sure what kind of benefits it will offer if you actually print it out and carry it around, but you never know...

The Official Math & Logic Club Memebership Card, with a picture of Nyra gesturing in a welcoming manner and an AGB-001 and a AGS-001 floating next to both of her sides. The fields for filling out are: name, specialty, fave GBA game. The disclaimer below reads "This card belongs to an awesome person! [star symbol] Valid until whenever." If by any chance you're experiencing this alt text in any way, just know that this card is a reference to the Official Barbie Fan Club Card made back in the 1960s, heh.

Get Advance! [Early Demo] Adventures Of The Math & Logic Club

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