A downloadable game

just a small demo/prototype of a visual novel about joining an ordinary math club.

made with butano engine for gba jam 2021 in 12-ish days

how to play:

either install a gameboy advance emulator of your choice or flash the game's rom file on the gba flashcart of your choice. i used vba-m for linux and gbarunner2 hypervisor (that came installed with twilight menu++) for 3ds to test the game.


- start to begin playing

- A button to skip text

post jam code repo can now be found at https://notabug.org/lv10groove/aamlc

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GenreVisual Novel


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yo~ me and some friends are trying to work on a vn for gba; mind if we ask you some things? specifically abt importing full color imgs...

hey and thanks for asking! unfortunately i'm not good at both gba development and explaining things at all, so i can only advise to check out the gbadev forum or discord server's #graphics channel and ask around there, or see if the getting started guide on gbadev.net has some useful info. i will, however, say that displaying full color images on gba screen does require a decent amount of programming sorcery and, depending on the engine/gba display mode of your choice, reducing palette color count (and possibly tile count) before importing is the general way to go for graphical assets.

best of luck with your gba vn, looking forward to see what you're working on!


I absolutely adore the art style <3

thank you!! hope you'll enjoy the art just as much in the eventually upcoming demo updates c:

👀👀👀👀 I'm looking forward to it!!!


That’s a funny idea, a visual novel for the Game Boy Advance. This reminds of Doki Doki Literature Club and I guess that was the point.

I sort of guess that the members of the club are supposed to represent the different components of a Game Boy Advance, with Nyra being the ROM, Tooru being the graphics processing unit, while Yuuji seems to be either CPU. So far, I don’t see any member that could take a role as a sound processor (or maybe it’s on purpose)

It’s an interesting project, and I look forward to its developmeent. Good luck!


woah, your guess is pretty much spot on! initially i thought i did a very poor job in trying to represent various aspects of development for the gameboy advance through the characters, especially considering gba doesn't have a dedicated gpu, but i'm really glad someone pointed this out! thank you so much for your kind words!! 💕

(as for the point of the game, it's much less of a ddlc reminder and more of "what if i put my already existing characters in a suzumiya haruhi meets mean girls's mathletes kind of setting and make it a vn", haha)


The game is great waiting for the full version.


the aesthetics are gorgeous <3


thank you!! 💖