monthly update #25 pt.2 (march update?)

Just as I promised, here's part 2 of the previous update to let you know that the source code can now be compiled into something less embarrassing to show off to other people! If you don't know how to do the compiling (which is understandable considering I didn't put any instructions on that in the readme file), here's a screenshot of how the demo ROM in its current state looks like:

Screenshot from the current build of AAMLC demo ROM, showcasing a tiny monochrome isometric classroom with sprites of the characters hanging around. Nyra is standing near the window and aggressively playing something on her GBA, Yuuji is standing on the opposite side of the room thinking about something with his hands crossed, Tooru is sitting at a desk with his back facing the viewer and the team manager character on his left looking at the window and standing in a place that showcases the extremely primitive yet temporary z-order sorting I coded. The text on the bottom of the screenshot says: "It's the same code from last year except I've returned to working on it l".

Lots of things needed to be done and redone, that's for sure. Will try to keep up with posting monthly updates to talk about any other cool AAMLC-related things I'm able to get done whenever.

Also, if you're a maintainer, feel free to remove my game from the database on the grounds of it no longer being planned to have its gameplay consisting of 99% text-reading art-gawking music-listening classic VN action. That and also the less my work appears on external websites void of my presence, the better, haha

Get Advance! [Early Demo] Adventures Of The Math & Logic Club

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