A downloadable pair of microgames

Check out the final GBA Microjam '23 ROM at https://gbadev.itch.io/gba-microjam-23!

Introducing two Halloween-themed microgames made for GBA Microjam '23. These games are shared here as source code and asset pack only and can be played as part of the final ROM linked above, on Homebrew Hub, or built from source at jam's official GitHub repo.

Critter Carousel

The haunts of the old gallery are once again mixing up halves of paintings of famous creepy critters and sending them on a carousel. It's up to you to bring things back to normal! Press A button at the right time to match the bottom half of a critter portrait with its top half.

Pepo Surgeon

To become a Jack-o'-Lantern, some pumpkins need to go through an important procedure... Press up and down on the D-pad when prompted to cut open pumpkins and turn them into Jack-o'-Lanterns.

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TagsGame Boy Advance
Code licenseMIT License
Asset licenseCreative Commons Attribution_NonCommercial v4.0 International


kva64_microjam23.zip 2.5 MB


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AYYY good job!!!! :D