Monthly update #24 in which I bring up yet another four-panel comic to your attention

I'm once again late and I don't know what else to say about that.

Monthly comic #9 is here! If you recognized the reference (and found it funny), please inform me if it counts as a spoiler for the related things to come or not, I definitely don't want to spoil something I didn't take part in (re)creating c':

Four-panel comic starring Tooru and Nyra. First panel: Nyra is conversing with Tooru while he is cutting out apiece of the paper figurine he's assembling. Nyra: "Any advice for someone starting out with papercrafting?" Tooru: "...Start with simple polyhedrons?"Nyra: "Oh, like cubes?" Tooru: "Yeah." Panel two: Nyra is cutting something out of a sheet of paper with a pair of scissors. Panel three: Nyra is coloring the second papercraft template she cut out with a red pencil. Panel four: Nyra is proudly presenting her first papercraft project, three colored cubes, with the red placed on the left of the green cube and above the blue cube. The scribble of Nyra on the bottom left says "First!"

In the meantime, I would like to announce that after this comic issue, I'll be putting my work on those on a temporary hold until further notice (only the monthly comics, the monthly text updates will resume as usual). As much as I enjoy telling tiny spoiler-free stories with my characters, I don't think it's much of an enjoyment for anyone else to read those knowing (as well as caring) little about the characters from the game in its current state. Which brings me to my other plan to resume my "aggressive game development mode" work as soon as possible in order to deliver something worth expanding on in the future comic issues. I haven't forgotten about that Asteroids clone I promised to eventually include in the game, either, I just need to put together the base first. Somehow, eventually *sweating emoji*

...Or perhaps I'll think about putting comics on hold after releasing issue #10, haha

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