winter holiday season's greetings (update #23)

I wanted to make a speech about what I've learned this year from not actively working on the game, but it turns out I didn't even learn much worth sharing, so who cares? Years are only a convenient abstraction created to aid in keeping track of the general time flow after all, so it's not like things would 100% get better if the world collectively moves from 2023 to 2024. But I am working out some things to reclaim more of my free time to work on proper game updating, so who knows, maybe 2024 will be the object of abstract type year of Major AAMLC Game ROM Update #1!

Here's a peek at what the Math & Logic club gang is up to these last days of the year. There are four references (five if one bears in mind what these characters are derived from in the first place) to various fun things in this update's comic, can you find them all? (The different art style is also a reference to a thing I've been binging for the last three weeks, it's only here for this one monthly comic issue)

Again, apologies for alt text readers for the lack of alt text in this monthly comic issue as well, perhaps I'll add it some other time.

And once again, thank you so, so much for sticking around with me and with what I share here on itch, just knowing that there are people who are interested in whatever silly thing I think up is enough motivation for me to keep doing something game-related every month and let you know that I'm still alive and still working on more things. Happy past, present and future winter holidays to all except those who support killing civilians in order for big and powerful countries and nations to "reclaim" the land they weren't even living on in the first place, in which case the games in general and the comic updates I make are absolutely not for you to play and read so please kindly piss off. Yay! 🎄

Get Advance! [Early Demo] Adventures Of The Math & Logic Club

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