Monthly progress update #22 — yeah it's just new comics again what did you expect

If you recall the last (and also a belated) update, I was only able to finish a tiny Halloween-themed drawing of the MLC gang sans the default manager character and promised to draw two comics in November to make up for the absence of comics in October. If you recall the update before that one, I also did a comic showcasing the gang's regular club activity schedule, and it just so happens that the comics below are sorta sequels to that particular comic. Note that the below comic's second frame was supposed to say "hot water" instead of "warm water", but turns out Flipnote Studio 3D's text input system has an inbuilt "forbidden word list", which I am very curious to explore more of outside of this project's scope, haha.

This one is not the usual funny comic, I just wanted to draw everyone hanging out after school, and what better way to unite four kids other than to give them a bunch of GBA Game Link Cables™ and some cool games with multiplayer modes? (Yuuji also possesses some Wireless Adapters and after-market link cables as well for all the club members to test out, of course.)

Despite me having many other ideas for potential comics, I'm already feeling my toes slightly dipped in the spoiler territory with these, so I'll do my best to not stall any actual development by making comics based on what I have released in the game form so far, I really don't want to turn AAMLC into a series of poorly-made four-panel gag comics *sweating emoji*

P.S. No alt text today, but I may return sometime later to add it to the pictures. If you're someone who experiences my comics through alt text, sorry to disappoint you this time.

P.P.S. Guess what important character-related date I completely forgot about in November *profusely sweating emoji*

Get Advance! [Early Demo] Adventures Of The Math & Logic Club

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