Let's discuss potentially outdated unreleased content for this late monthly update #20

So here's the thing: I'm informed about the whole Unity situation and how it got resolved, but I'm pretty sure its user base is rapidly diminishing nevertheless, which is why I'm still pondering whether this remark made by Nyra about the school's game design club in the game's script would be relevant several years later or not. What do you think? Picture of text that says the following: "Nyra: Plus, as you may have noticed, our school also has a dedicated game design club. Pretty sure the student council won't approve us mimicking their activities. Yuuji: Aren't they using the freeware version of Consonance Game Creator, though? Me: Is this piece of information supposed to tell me something meaningful? Nyra: Duuuh! Consonance Game Creator is like only the most popular and easy-to-use game engine. A lot of game developers use it nowadays. And we all here agree that it's overrated. I'm not saying it's bad, but still not really worthy of all the money the game design club..."

No progress aside from a tiiiiny bit of work for the upcoming webpage because I obviously want to delay actual game programming for as much as possible, but hey, if people are still following me on itch, there's still hope for the eventual final release. Here's the monthly comic showing the usual schedule of the Math & Logic club meetings. Middle-sized Flipnote Studio 3D brushes continue to be my jam.

Four-panel black-and-white monthly AAMLC comic #5. First frame is titled "1. Homework" and shows Nyra and Tooru doing their homework together while Yuuji stands at a distance playing on his barely recognizable Game Boy Advance. Frame two is titled "2. Homebrew programming" and shows the club member trio sitting in front of Yuuji's laptop, with Yuuji doing the coding, Nyra giving general directions and Tooru silently observing. Frame three is titled "3. Dance practice" and shows the trio top rocking. Frame four is titled "4.  Soccer club showers infiltration if time allows" and pictures the Math & Logic club members each holding a bath-related object and peeking over a wall with a "For soccer club only" sign on it and a bin of dirty towels, with Nyra also wearing a shower cap.

Get Advance! [Early Demo] Adventures Of The Math & Logic Club

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