A Fashionably Late Monthly Update #19

If you're one of those people in the know, you may have seen me doing art streams a lot this August over on my YouTube channel I usually use for sharing game soundtracks. The reason as to why I've been streaming this much? I'm currently aiming to clear my backlog of things not particularly related to gamedev, which includes drawing 19 birthday illustrations for the characters of one of my favorite video games (only 2.5 pictures left, thankfully). Alas, I'm very prone to influences from my friends and the communities I am a part of, and usually my struggles to fit in with them all no matter how little communicating we actually do results in me ignoring my own stuff in favor of what would be more interesting to others, hence this backlog of birthday art and other miscellaneous stuff.  I'm not complaining, though, I just need to learn better time and effort management c':

Oh, and I'm also thinking of making a website or website page for AAMLC, I want a custom-made place on the Internet where you could find game info and downloadable icons/wallpapers/printables alongside, just like the promo websites in the days of yore.

So yeah, once again, no actual game updates aside from the monthly comic (or, rather, a collection of doodles showing AAMLC characters' preferred ways of enjoying games for Game Boy Advance) below. 

A four-panel black-and-white-with-occasional-pops-of-color monthly comic #4 starring the AAMLC cast. Panel 1: Tooru Tsuzuki holding a Pearl Green AGS-001 with his right hand and closely looking at its screen in thought. Panel 2: Nyra Hanajima holding a Glacier AGB-001 with both hands, looking at its screen with determination. Panel 3: Yuuji Sugeno's hunched over profile view, he's wearing his usual poker face and holding a GameCube controller, with an Indigo (sort of, looks more purple on the image) DOL-001 peeking out from the bottom right corner. Panel 4: picture of the manager character with their hand held up as if they're holding something in it. There's an arrow pointing at the hand, with the caption above it reading "Insert your fave way of playing GBA games".

Here's an interactive challenge for all the readers out there — erase the text and draw or edit in your favorite way of playing GBA games in the last frame of the comic and share your creations wherever with the #UpdateNineteen hashtag without providing any more context and see how many of your followers/subscribers/readers you've been able to confuse. I want more interactivity, dangit!

Get Advance! [Early Demo] Adventures Of The Math & Logic Club

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