oh no (Monthly progress update #18)

Of course my ISP has problems right around the usual time I post these devlogs :(

This month I only played around a bit with the text output code I wrote a long time ago and yet I've realized much later that I've been focusing on all the wrong things on my slow and steady path of what I prefer to call "aggressive game development". I know I just need to make a playable demo and I can always hardcode stuff first and then optimize it later in the game's life cycle, but man is it hard to switch to this mindset for some reason. Ugh. Devlog? More like whine-log.

But hey, at least I have a new comic to share! It's supposed to be funny, so please at least smirk at it when you read it. (Fun fact: did you know each comic image has alt text hidden in its title?)

A four-panel black-and-white monthly comic #3 starring the AAMLC cast. First panel: three portraits of Yuuji Sugeno in his tank top with a Sonic Adventure 2 reference on it, with slightly different expressions on his face. The narration text says: "The only three face expressions Yuuji Sugeno is capable of showing: poker face, smirk, mild annoyance". Second panel: Nyra Hanajima in her school uniform, holding what appears as a photo album under her left arm and a bunch of printed photographs in her right hand, excitedly proclaiming to the main character: "I've made a scientific breakthrough! I've discovered Yuuji's elusive fourth face expression!". Third panel: a bunch of photographs of Yuuji Sugeno and sometimes other club members strewn around. In every photo Yuuji is in, he's always having something wrong with his face, either at least one eye is closed or he looks like he was caught off-guard when being taken a photo of. Fourth panel: simplistic caricatures of main character and Nyra looking at the heap of photos on the table in front of them. Main character: "Uh, I don't think "not photogenic" is a face expression." Nyra: "Well, if you say so..."

Get Advance! [Early Demo] Adventures Of The Math & Logic Club

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