Monthly progress update #17 — It's the 17th monthly update

Programming for money has kind of sucked out all the fun of programming as a hobby for me recently, but what can you do other than simply learn to stop having fun? c': This is for the most part the reason as to why the repo hasn't been updated at all ever since it went public, I just keep opening the project and proceed to stare at it blankly for half an hour until I'm off to bed. It doesn't help that I've also decided to join this year's GBCompo (though I plan on submitting something other than a game), as I also occasionally open up ISSOtm's GB Starter Kit folder I've cloned a long time ago to just stare at the source code until I'm asleep.

Something that I've remembered of only recently is the fact that during my work on the AAMLC demo for the GBA Jam I was listening to the Barbie Beauty Boutique soundtrack on randomized repeat. It's basically five production music pieces done in various pop genres popular during early 00s that would probably get old too quickly if one listens to them more than once, and yet that was what somehow kept me concentrated sort of back then. Perhaps something perpetually playing on the background is what my work ethic has been lacking all this time?

Not everything is as bad, though, as something else has been brewing in the kva64 labs since the beginning of June, namely small attempts at animation in Flipnote Studio 3D with a medium-sized brush (I like to call it my "comfort brush" because of how easily I can paint with it). Most of these won't be shared publicly, but I do plan to upload something short and silly to my ultra-secret animations channel on YT once I'm able to. I mean, I do have plans on animating trailers for any major AAMLC updates, so getting some practice beforehand should also be a good idea.

Enough talk, here's the latest monthly comic!

Monthly AAMLC comic #2. Panel 1: two portraits of Tooru Tsuzuki, a middle-schooler with freckles, wearing round glasses with his medium-length hair tied in a slightly messy ponytail, wearing his casual outfits: one consists of an oversized sweater over a white shirt and under high-waist pants with striped suspenders, another one is made of a short jacket with long sleeves adorned with patches and pins plus a sweater and high-rise baggy jeans. The text reads: "Tooru Tsuzuki has quite an outdated fashion sense". Panel 2: Tooru is wearing his junior high uniform and is surrounded by his fellow Math & Logic club members, Nyra and placeholder main character Miho, also in their uniforms, with Nyra's right hand on Tooru's shoulder. The textbox above reads: "His teammates admire it nevertheless". Miho's speech bubble says: "Retro stuff is pretty popular these days." Nyra says to Tooru: "Where do ye get all these neato threads? Perhaps goodwill? Or are these custom-made?" Panel 3: same as panel 2 except Tooru is crying and Nyra and Miho look startled by his sudden tears. Miho: "Woah, that was not the answer I expected." Nyra: "Aw man, what happened? Did I say something? I'm so sorry please don't cry!!" Panel 4: a close-up of Tooru's crying face with a small arrow pointing at him. The text near the arrow says: "Doesn't want anyone to know these are his dad's hand-me-downs"

Will I be able to produce anything commemorative by the time AAMLC's 2nd anniversary rolls in on July 9th? Eh, we'll find out soon enough.

P.S. Thanks to all the cool game developers who still keep reading my blog and, unlike me, actually do their gamedev work, you guys rock!

Get Advance! [Early Demo] Adventures Of The Math & Logic Club

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