The Source Is Back for this monthly update #16

Source as in "source code", that is. No more development behind curtains, from now on you'll be able to monitor my progress by visiting this shiny new repository that is also linked on the game's page. There isn't much at the moment because I've started the development all over (save for some recycled code) with the hope that a fresh start could motivate me to do better and more frequent coding during my spare time.

Also, this update marks the beginning of monthly AAMLC comic strips with funny (probably) bits of info about the characters! Some of you might've seen this one on my Poipiku, but I hope you're seeing it for the first time here. I've forgotten how to draw anything other than pixel figures, so the first comic might look rough around the edges c': 

Monthly AAMLC comic #1. First frame shows Nyra with her palm facing the reader; the narration text says "Hanajima Nyra has a really good memory."; the speech text says: "I recited five poems during my literature class! Five grades in advance!". Second frame shows the placeholder main character Miho looking at new messages on her phone. Narration: "Unfortunately, she knows far too many kanji than people she texts." Speech: "Oh, a message from Nyra about the next club meeting ideas". Third frame: a close shot of Miho's phone screen, showing a message from Nyra that uses a lot of kanji in uncommon ways and is supposed to translate to "How about we have some curry?". Fourth frame: Miho with a confused face expression looking through a dictionary while holding the phone.

That's basically it for this month's update. Again, feel free to visit the new code repo if you'd like to learn more about what I was partially up to this month (even if there's currently almost no new things of interest).

Climbing up the walls, anytime we want, the word is out that source is back!

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