Monthly progress update #15 — Quick General Update

Popping in to itch dot io to bring no new info on the development process as always, mainly due to my sudden interest in a certain Dreamcast game about inline skating and awesome music (I've even completed the tutorial, believe it or not), but due to some sort of divine intervention I'm not able to play it anymore, so more time for me to consider spending on working on AAMLC. 

On second thought, I did actually run through the game's script (divided into several separate files in order of the time of events) multiple times this month, fixing errors, adding more lines and pondering whether any specific conversations need to be removed for any reasons. I'm actually kind of glad I'm taking so much time with the development process, as between the demo release and today I've been able to acquire more experience in writing, and I'm hoping to put this experience to a good use while doing more writing for the game. I'm practicing art, I'm practicing penmanship, the only thing that's left is proper coding and music c': 

No character info updates for now, but if anything I occasionally post fun doodles of the Math & Logic club members here, so check back whenever if you want to see some poorly drawn anime kids. Although I will most likely post whatever is relevant to the devlog here as well, so check back if you'd like to see older stuff there. 

Get Advance! [Early Demo] Adventures Of The Math & Logic Club

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