Monthly progress update #14 — March 32nd anyone?

I may be late with an update again, but I'm not admitting it this time for, uh, technical reasons. Anyways, March has been an interesting experience kind of a month, and while I wasn't really able to work on the game (as usual), I did end up being a slightly smarter and better person than before in the end, so let's see if my expertise is of any use for future April updates. I've also been up to my usual pixel art practice and checking out that one extremely popular isometric PC simulation game that I'd love to make some custom content for, but this idea goes to the low priority back burner for now. Also, if you haven't checked out my title screen entry for this year's GBA Winter Jam, feel free to do so! It's only a short animated cutscene, but people seemed to really like it nevertheless. Like they say, if I had a penny every time my games rank 3rd in game jams, I would have two pennies, which is not much, but it's weird that it happened twice. Oh, by the way, fun fact: one of the animated passerby there is the Math & Logic club president herself!

On to the character info section — have I ever told you that the Math & Logic club members are based on an existing and not very well known Konami franchise? Aside from the team's manager, who I would like to make a more customizable character in the future, everyone's personality is partially based on a certain aspect of Dankira's lore that I felt deserves more headcanons to be explained, haha! That and also the overall theme of a dancer trio participating in dance battles and performing complex tricks is basically Dankira except I'm avoiding any related terms made up by Konami's dev team. (No detailed explanations for now because of spoilers or varying degree, obviously, though a thing worth mentioning is that the characters were made up by me way before the idea for a GBA game centered around them was.) I won't beg you to check out the original offline mobile game that was discontinued back in 2020 but can still be downloaded officially for free, however, I will ask you to listen to its music and see its choreography because it rules. Konami's music division has always been killing it with rhythm game soundtracks and Dankira certainly serves amazing and memorable tunes performed by different artists from across the globe in plethora of genres.

Until next time! *bows down and goes back to sleep*

Get Advance! [Early Demo] Adventures Of The Math & Logic Club

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