Monthly progress update #12 - Priorities, pt. 2

As always, I come bearing very little updates on this specific project and tons of updates on unrelated things.

First of all, you might have noticed that the Gitlab link on AAMLC's page doesn't work anymore. Why? Because I'm moving the game's repo to my relatively new notabug page, and I want everything to be gathered in one place. And ideally I'd like to start over with new code and stuff, though I might keep the jam version code for preservation purposes.

Second, I've made some progress for an upcoming notenogram update that will fix several bugs, add more puzzles and save slots, and introduce a tutorial mode with some basic tips that may or may not help anyone starting out with picross puzzles. No plans for any graphic updates for this one. I'm still thinking of replacing my custom font with something else, I can't stand looking at it anymore.

Third, a certain another game on my page has also gotten its bugs fixed and is being prepared for an update commemorating its nomination for a very prestigious RPG Maker community award, plus a fancy-schmancy digital art & guide book made to look like a very old HTML-only webpage.

Fourth, I've been slowly working on my foray into video essays with a video about an ancient homebrew game very few have heard of. The 1900-word script is done, now to edit some cool montages and record some voice-over of my own.

Fifth, a mysterious fifth thing! What could that be, I wonder?..

Oh, and I've also decided to participate in GBA Winter Jam 2023. And maybe Ukrainian Visual Novel Jam #2 if I figure out what framework or tool I would like to use for my entry.
Ohh, and speaking of jams — even though my Winter Visual Novel Jam 2022 submission didn't work out, I released what scenario I had as a text file anyway. You can read it here. Feel free to share your thoughts on it in the comments as this will really help me in my next writing endeavors.

Happy 2023 or else!!.....

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