december update (?)

It's yet another monthly update where nothing has happened in terms of progress! I wanted to post it before Christmas, but found myself occupied with making a game for yet another game jam (still in progress, not sure if I'm able to meet the deadline) just so I can close the book on a very ancient visual novel idea of mine and never come back to it again. 

I also wanted to make a tiny animated postcard in the form of a GBA ROM, but only managed to draw a Christmas suit with a decorative candy cane for Nyra's existing sprite (shown below) that I've grown to not like as much as I did before. Nevertheless, happy past, present and upcoming winter holidays to you from me and the ever-so-cheerful Math & Logic club president, hope you're doing well this winter season and thanks for sticking around! Once I'm done with the VN mentioned above, I'm going to work on AAMLC alonside an upcoming update for notenogram, the little (award-winning, wow!!) GBA picross game I made for GBA Jam 2022, and for that I really, really have to stop slacking off. I can't believe I've spent this whole year being unemployed yet not doing anything significant for the game at all with so much time to spare, what has my already pathetic life become c':

click here for a festive song!

Get Advance! [Early Demo] Adventures Of The Math & Logic Club

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