Monthly progress update #8 — I broke my game with object-oriented approach

Edit: apparently it works fine, using OOP just makes converting coordinates from isometric grid space to Butano's (the engine I use) cartesian space a little bit more complicated, that's all, haha

Well, sort of. I tried implementing a very basic inheritance model to reuse more code and now the isometric overworld works worse than it did without it. And I've no idea how to explain how this has come to be besides with my, uh, lack of appropriate knowledge, I guess? Oh well, now that I have more free time, I'll try to use it to fill in those theory blanks in my head and move on to programming other game parts soon. Or maybe I should start adding mini-games instead so that I amass a tiny portfolio of them to show off to everyone...

At least I've spent a decent portion of this September brushing up my math (geometry, to be precise) skills. At some point I thought about adding some junior high math-related edutaintment mini-games to the game, but I have a hunch that everyone will dislike that. Unless it's simple calculus probably. Do you, the reader, have anything to say about math edutaintment games not made specifically for kids? Do those even exist?..

...Not that anyone reading this cares c':

Get Advance! [Early Demo] Adventures Of The Math & Logic Club

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