Monthly progress update #4 — "Generic irrelevant progress update"

One — have you seen them?

A sketch of Yuuji, Tooru and Nyra sitting on a bench hanging out together (sort of)

Now you have. You can follow me on Fediverse for more occasional AAMLC drawings and info on what I do instead of actively making games.
Two — soon the game will turn one [year old]. Wow. Gotta work hard to release an updated demo until that time comes.
Three — I know nobody is and was interested enough to inquire about this info tidbit but — ever wondered what in the world Yuuji talks about when he offers you to "hear something fun"? Turns out he's an old-school punk rock music connoisseur (almost like yours truly) and in actuality he sang you a beautiful song a look-up of which only produces one relevant result on YouTube (but boy what a fun result that one is to watch!). Pretty sure I've left out more unused fun song references in the source code, but I won't talk about them.

P.S. Expect something else to be released by me on itch in the meantime. I won't say what it will be for now, but I'm sure someone out there might enjoy it. Or not since it's a Windows-only thing *nervous laughter*

Get Advance! [Early Demo] Adventures Of The Math & Logic Club

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