Monthly update #2 - "No significant progress and there's also war"

The title describes pretty much everything I wanted to say. Despite the effect the war has had and is still having on me, my family and my personal matters, working on the game may for now be the only thing I can do to keep myself busy as a programmer (still yet to put my degree to good commercial use, unfortunately). I've been struggling quite a lot with my coding skills and, as a result, they have greatly deteriorated, but at least I still have just enough motivation to continue working on the game to help myself get back on the track somehow.

If you haven't bought the Bundle for Ukraine yet, do it right now, it's a real super-mega-extra good value for your money and all proceeds are going to organizations that provide humanitarian aid in Ukraine. I personally can't buy it because wartime bank restrictions (I really want to, though!! I want to help my country and get that 2064 ROM VN!!! Aaaarghhh!!!), but I really hope you can AND will. And I hope you will also at least consider donating to other Ukrainian charities.

Until the next update. I hope I won't get killed by then.

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