back to work!

(I have no idea how to upscale GIF animations, but once I do I'll reupload this in better quality)

I wanted to return with a bang, but the bang in question (the little parody animation provided above this post) took me an unexpectedly long time to make (Flipnote Studio 3D is at fault for that) and didn't turn out well, and so I'm returning with just a tiny pew. Also, I'm really surprised to come back and see quite a lot of activity on my profile's dashboard and I thank everyone who took their time to check this game out in any way so far! (And sorry I couldn't cram more features into the early demo version...)

I've spent these past six or so months making a new friend, a mysterious creature called Master's Degree In Software Engineering who likes playing extremely hard to get, and while I'm trying to figure out how to put this fella to a good use I figured I could finally continue working on the game. The Math & Logic Club was always on my mind throughout these trying times, though, which, according to the article titled 11 Tips On How To Succeed In Life As An Indie Developer or something like that [citation needed] still counts as game development, which in turn means that from now on I'll just be speeding the process up a bit, I guess. Aside from thinking of all the fancy new gameplay elements I would like to put in this game, I've also came up with an even fancier ateji (English words written with similar-sounding Japanese kanji) name for the game, but I won't reveal it before showing whatever I have to someone with better knowledge of Japanese. Eventually.

And that's all I have to say for now. I'd like to dedicate a separate website for AAMLC devlogs, but I'm not entirely sure if this is even needed when you have an page (but then you can't put custom CSS in your devlog posts so...). I also need to work on restoring my programming setup for reasons that may or may not have anything to do with Gitlab not allowing me to log in for no reason and/or failed upgrade to Fedora Workstation 34 several months ago. I-in any case, please look forward to future development updates!

Get Advance! [Early Demo] Adventures Of The Math & Logic Club

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